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What Are The Ways To Buy XRP Cryptocurrency Right Now? PayPal Options

buying crypto with paypal

Purchasing Ripple coin Crypto

What are the ways to buy XRP cryptocurrency? If you’re like me, you’ve heard about Ripple and the possibilities. You want to buy some, but is this digital currency offered by your broker? If it’s not offered directly, then that can make purchasing XRP seem a little difficult. There are ways to buy XRP, however, and I’m going to tell you how to do so.

Just recently, my broker started allowing account holders to buy certain crypto-currencies without having to set up wallets. I really like this, and it has made digital currencies easier to trade. In fact, they started offering my favorite currency, DOGE, and it made a huge impact on the coin and the news surrounding it as well.

My broker currently doesn’t offer XRP, however, but a friend helped me figure out how to buy it anyway. First, you’re going to need some BTC or Bitcoin. There are other coins that can be sold on exchanges and traded for XRP, but let’s keep it simple. Get your BTC from wherever you like, and a good place to start is Coinbase.

Converting Bitcoin to XRP

Once you have actual Bitcoins, you can send them to an exchange that sells Ripple or XRP. You are going to be buying XRP with your BTC. It’s quite a simple process, but you’re going to need an account with both Coinbase and the exchange that you choose. There are multiple exchanges that offer Ripple, and Binance is one of them.

Ripple is on the move as of late, so people are wanting to get in on the action. As time goes by, it will be easier and easier to purchase the coin. In fact, I suspect my broker is going to allow direct purchase of it really soon. But it’s just taking time for brokers to give their clients access to digital currencies.

Paypal to Cryptocurrency

Top coin cryptocurrency shows you methods of buying XRP with PayPal, Which has been an increasingly popular way people are seeking to get their hands on Ripple. They also show show similar ways of getting other coins such as cardano, monero and dogecoin.

The ways to buy XRP cryptocurrency will continue to develop over time. For now, I have provided you with the way that you can buy it without waiting. One more thing you will want to know is that you want a good place to store your Ripple. Keeping it on the exchange isn’t recommended whatsoever. Make plans to move your XRP to a good wallet, and you have many options. Now you know how to purchase this digital currency, and you can do it much faster than you think if you set up those accounts.